About Dean

Hi. My name is Dean Henry. Welcome to my website. In this site I blog about my life as an internet marketer.

It doesn’t matter how you got here. Whether its through forum, blog comments, facebook, twitter, or through the alignment of the stars… what matter is that you are here now, and as such, I am grateful for this opportunity for us to connect.

… and if you are wondering, “Who is this Dean fellow?”,.. and “What’s his deal?”

Okay,  here goes.

Dean leadpages
I’m an indigenous native from Sabah, Malaysia. Yup, I’m from the island of Borneo, a place blessed with beautiful beaches and lush rainforest. (Its where the first season of Survivor was shot)

But currently, I’m residing in exotic Indonesia. Therefore I guess I’m an expat here.

This is my beautiful family.

After my marriage, I was working with the biggest Oil and Gas company, ExxonMobil, as a territory manager…(just a fancy term for salesman). Work requires me to be manage one area, but subject to relocation.

Therefore I was relocated a few times around Malaysia. Work is stressful but the pay is very good. Therefore I was advised to suck it up.

During one of my ‘relocated’ period, I remember watching a football (or soccer) match on the TV. It was Liverpool vs Porto.
Liverpool vs Porto
That night, I had an epiphany that this is not what I really wanted. I realize that I wanted to do something that gives me financial reward, happiness, sense of fulfillment.  And internet marketing is something that I really want to do.

So, I did what most newbie internet marketers do, which is to buy product after product, goes into ADD mode, and drowned in information overload.

It was a tough ride. But I know I have the ability to do this. So, after years of bouncing around and chasing next shiny object, It became clearer to me that I need a Mentor.

In comes my mentor, Eric “the charismatic dude” Louviere.

Eric Louviere
His guidance since last year has been a phenomenal. He taught a lot on how to make money online and drilled in hard, especially with the mental transformation. His tough love approach really began to rub on me.

I can still here him in my sleep……”Traffic & Conversions”.

And fate would have it that I crossed path with my next coach..

10659364_10153189776364042_4922825453313502433_n(1)Gerald Soh.

In all honesty, I have never met a coach who have cared so much for his students. He is definitely a class act.

With this composite figures of coaches and mentors… I am slowly but surely, I’m starting to make money online…. and now its a consistent 4 figures to 5 figures month.

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