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Tap, Tap, Done: Testing a Simpler Way to Fill out Forms

Facebook has started testing Lead Ads, and they are awesome. A new, simpler way for people to fill out forms on their mobile devices.

How does it work?

Just like the headline says,… TAP,TAP,….and you are DONE. (sounds like the sharpshooter double tap)

In just two steps, they are subscribed to your list.

“This helps avoid a lot of the pain points usually associated with filling out forms like having to leave one app and start a form in another app and having to enter all of their information from scratch. Just a few taps and people are done,” Facebook said on their business blog post on June 25th 2015.

When this feature goes live, you no longer have to direct your visitors to an external website (landing page) to get leads. This will help marketers lower down their cost. The only variable is that we don’t know much Facebook will charge for this new feature.

Facebook’s fast-paced moves toward gaining mobile budgets seem well conceived. The global mobile-advertising market will surpass $100 billion in 2016 while accounting for more than 50 percent of all digital ad spends, per eMarketer.

So, if you have been neglecting mobile traffic all these while, now is the time to focus on this because the number of mobile users has overtaken desktop users.

What do you think of Lead Ads? Is it The Next Big Thing? Any potential issues you can think of? or this will be just another shining object?

Let me know your thoughts.


Three Enormously Bad Landing Page Copy Techniques

Do you have a landing page that is under-performing or not converting at all?  If so, consider the fact that many landing pages out there follow three extremely flawed approaches for content creation.  If your landing page falls into one of these three categories, it’s likely that any promotions, ads or other monetary boosters you try will fail as well, sinking more of your hard-earned money into a failing endeavor. Similarly, it’s unlikely that changing the design or aesthetics of your landing page will help.

Three Bad Landing Page Copy Strategies

So what are these three horribly horrible approaches to creating landing page copy?

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Making Your Call To Action More Actionable

The standard call to action has become far too recognizable for the Internet savvy masses who know a hard sell when they see one.  They know when they click “Sign Up Here” that they are likely going to receive spam.  They know that when they click “Buy Now” they are going to have to spend money.  And while these will still work for products and services that customers are actively looking to purchase or sign up for,
it becomes a harder sell to pull off when you’re marketing niceties rather than necessities.

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The Two Bare Essential for a Successful Landing Page

Someone recently asked me what a great landing page consisted of.  Before I began to rattle through my list of essential checkpoints, they modified the question and said, “Answer in two words.”  I thought for a split second and then responded, “Content and Images.”  Okay, that was actually three, but that’s not the point.

Still, my point remains.  In order to have a really successful landing page, you really only need two things (aside from the obvious i.e. call to action, hosting site, URL, the ability to exist, etc.).  When it really comes down to it, content is going to drive the traffic and then the sales and images are going to keep the viewer invested in the landing page.  Done deal, right?

Doing Content Right on Landing Pages

Not so fast.  It should be obvious by now that you can’t just slap up any old content up on a landing page and expect it to work.  The content has to be done correctly.  This means a few things:

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