3 Unique Ways to Increase Email Engagement

We’ve written a few tips for email marketing content before, but today we’d like to stay away from the standard content and go for something that might make you stand out a bit from the other marketing spam…er…emails people get.  Yes, you should still follow everything else we said about creating urgency with your subject line, creating a concise email that sticks to a limited topic and providing social widgets in the signature to open up more avenues for connection.

But what we didn’t mention is that there are any number of other things that you can be doing to set your emails apart from your competitor’s.  By building a unique identity through your emails, you’ll create more opportunities for engagement.  This opens up your click-thru rate while boosting your consumer confidence, two things that we shouldn’t have to say, but we will, leads directly to more sales.

Three Great Ways to Add Identity to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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The 4 Pillars Of Online Success

There are many pillars going around cyberspace, each claiming to be THE pillars for success. But, for online success, you need these 4 Pillars. You need to nail these 4 pillars. These 4 pillars are more important than anything else except for your mindset. You’ve got to nail each of these 4 pillars in order to make money. Most people skip over one or two of them. If you skipped any, you will struggle to have success.

So what are these 4 Pillars?

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The Two Bare Essential for a Successful Landing Page

Someone recently asked me what a great landing page consisted of.  Before I began to rattle through my list of essential checkpoints, they modified the question and said, “Answer in two words.”  I thought for a split second and then responded, “Content and Images.”  Okay, that was actually three, but that’s not the point.

Still, my point remains.  In order to have a really successful landing page, you really only need two things (aside from the obvious i.e. call to action, hosting site, URL, the ability to exist, etc.).  When it really comes down to it, content is going to drive the traffic and then the sales and images are going to keep the viewer invested in the landing page.  Done deal, right?

Doing Content Right on Landing Pages

Not so fast.  It should be obvious by now that you can’t just slap up any old content up on a landing page and expect it to work.  The content has to be done correctly.  This means a few things:

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The 4 Online Business Models That Makes Money!

Making money online isn’t really as straightforward as it sounds. Sure you make the money by actually selling  something, but what’s just as important is HOW you go about doing it.

What is the approach that you employ? What is  your business model?

It’s important to have a business model. It’s  something that you shape your business around, and it’s something that can either make or break  your business.

Not to worry though, as you can easily model your  business after a successful one.

Here are some of the more (currently) successful  business models that you model your business after:

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Faster Smarter Better System in Review

Today, we are going to review not only a totally new product on the market, but a totally new method for making money online.In addition, we will also be reviewing the particular method used by the product’s authors, because this unique system will be taught, in a revolutionary, new extended and extensive, online membership format.

This system is called the Faster Smarter Better System, and in the short space of this review, we are going to systematically take each of the claims made, (on the sale’s page) apart, piece by piece, and see if makes the grade.

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